Why Your B2B Should Pay Attention To Amazon’s Claims Of Same Day Delivery Service

Why Your B2B Should Pay Attention To Amazon's Claims Of Same Day Delivery ServiceConsumer retailers and grocers aren’t the only ones offering same day delivery any longer. Thanks to Amazon’s Prime the consumer environment now requires businesses to get their products to their consumers as quickly and easily as possible. This type of environment is now reaching into other industries as well because flexibility is vital in today’s world. Even those businesses with a B2B focus know that for higher sales, they must ensure customer satisfaction and get their products to them as fast as possible. Of course, there are a few industries who stand to gain more than others do.

The Automotive Industry

Timing is vital when your customer’s car needs fixed. When parts are out-of-stock timing is extended unless you can get same day delivery. This is something most customers now expect, which is why local dealers expedite shipping, but this is something that also requires a nationwide solution. It doesn’t matter if you’re a parts company, mechanic or auto manufacturer, getting parts delivered from warehouses and stores needs to happen fast so businesses don’t lose work to their competition who’s better equipped to handle their needs.

Construction and Plumbing

Pro contractors need to have a supplier who can get them the tools and materials they need as soon as possible. This can make a difference between getting a job done on time and upsetting a customer. Unfortunately, this is why construction managers have been known to send their workers to pick up the parts. This costs them time and money though. Some home improvement retailers have noticed this and shown their understanding of it by investing in same day delivery options for their customers. This has helped the nation’s wholesalers and distributors because they can now offer better service to their pro customers.

Pharmaceuticals and Medical Supplies

Healthcare is a rapidly changing field today. Patients now demand faster answers and more convenient “service.” This is why urgent care clinic visits have increased by 199% between the years 2008 – 2015. Some healthcare products are now being delivered directly to people’s homes thanks to companies like Pill Pack by Amazon and CVS Health. Amazon has even taken things one step further by making it faster to source, buy, and receive any other medical supplies you may need.

Today there are also online-first and same-day healthcare options emerging. These are threatening the nation’s independent pharmacies and medical suppliers because businesses are opting to use whatever option is most convenient for them. If pharmacies and medical device distributors want to compete in this economy, they must look beyond traditional services to find ways of making things faster via same day delivery. Beyond its convenience, this option also lets doctors and pharmacists provide faster care and services to individuals who can’t get to the store themselves.


It no longer matters whether you’re a consumer or a business retailer, you need the services of Same Day Delivery. This is more than for their speediness, it’s also because now you’ll have more options available every time you need them regardless of location, what’s being purchased, or when it’s needed. So, if you’re a business, make sure you contact them today.

Picture Credit: Christian Wiediger