Why Driving In The Rain With Your Hazard Lights On Is Illegal In Florida

Why Driving In The Rain With Your Hazard Lights On Is Illegal In FloridaAs a driver you want to go out of your way to make sure that you, your vehicle, and anything or anyone inside of it are safe while traveling. This is especially true when the weather is bad outside. However, when you’re driving along the interstate when it’s raining in Tampa Bay, Florida you’ll probably notice that the message boards say, “headlights on, hazard lights off.” Unfortunately, many drivers tend to ignore this mandate because they feel like their hazard lights help make them more visible to other motorists, thus increasing their safety while driving in Florida. This isn’t true though. In fact, the Florida Highway Patrol says that the exact opposite is true.

Why hazard lights are Illegal When driving in Florida Rain

According to the Florida Highway Patrol, turn signals and hazard signals are only installed on vehicles to act as communication devices. As such, they’re meant to tell police officers and the other motorists around you that there’s been a vehicular accident or that there’s a broken-down car in front of you. So, if you’re driving with them on, you’re telling people around you that “it’s raining.” This isn’t a message that you should be communicating to other drivers who are sharing the road with you.

Furthermore, you must remember that when you have your hazard lights turned on, they will override your vehicle’s turn signals. If you go to make a turn while they’re on, you could potentially put your vehicle and its occupants along with anyone else who’s sharing the road with you in danger. This is why it’s illegal to drive at any time with these lights turned on. When you have them on you can’t effectively tell another vehicle that you’re turning or that you’re changing lanes. If this were to result in a crash, you would be the one who’s responsible for it happening.

Now that you understand why you shouldn’t have your hazard lights on while driving in Florida, you may find yourself wondering why they’re there. These work great when you are stopped or disabled along the side of a road somewhere or if you’re participating in a funeral procession. Keep in mind that this isn’t only a law when driving in Florida but also when driving in many other states as well.


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