Same-Day Delivery Helps Small Business Greatly

Same-Day Delivery Helps Small Business GreatlySmall businesses can greatly be impacted by same-day delivery services. Many people, including small business owners, think that these same-day delivery services are only for companies that are large. However, this is no longer the case. Same-day services can assist your small business by keeping your existing customers and enticing new ones.

Across the nation, individuals are seeing a decrease in the level of excellence that delivery services once had. In 2017, a study found that 42% of shoppers who bought online had their packages delivered damaged. In 2018, that number rose to 56%. And the issues do not stop there. People have reported items have been damaged, the wrong items have been received, packages arriving late, or never arriving at all! Western region shoppers, including those in Colorado, did a bit better than the rest of the nation, but are still 13% more likely to have packages that never arrive than other regions.

Within this report, those in the Western regions have stated that both delivery speed and same-day delivery are key elements to deciding if they will do their shopping online. Western consumers are 9.5% more likely to expect these businesses to deliver faster than the year before. These same consumers are more likely to abandon their shopping cart online if delivery times are slow by 14%. In 2018, 31% of shoppers picked same-day delivery, which increased from 17% the year before. Regional shoppers are still more likely to use same-day compared to the rest of the nation(36% of West say they would use it while only 29% of non-West residence said they would).

Same day services are very important to many businesses. However, many are not able to utilize it like they wish they could. There are many products out there that are being offered delivered as same-day delivery. But these products are not the ones that consumers are looking for. This can be said for all product categories, including groceries, household supplies, and alcohol.

Healthcare products, including prescriptions, are expected to be delivered the same day. Unfortunately, this is not what consumers are seeing. Over half of shoppers in the West want same day services for these while only 5% actually got what they asked for. Nationwide, almost one-quarter of consumers state they are shopping at least once per week in these drug stores, such as CVS or Walgreens. These companies have a huge chance to make same-day deliveries a reality for these people.

Small businesses that give the option of same-day delivery can benefit greatly from this. Almost three-fourths of all consumers stated that if a company offered same-day delivery services, they would be more likely to purchase from that business again.

While this sounds great for these businesses, many of them are not able to offer this service unless they sacrifice some other part of their business. And if they do offer this service, they need to be able to do well with it. Well over half of the consumers said that if their delivery person was not professional, they will strongly consider not purchasing from that company again. The West says that professionalism is very important for delivery services (77% West versus 74% in other areas).

If you are interested in learning more about same-day delivery services or what they can all offer your small business, do not hesitate to contact one with questions. Be certain the company is professional, such as Same Day Delivery. It could be in your best interest to partner up with a delivery company such as this to maintain happy customers.

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