Remember Your Pre-Trip Inspection

Remember Your Pre-Trip InspectionThere are many things drivers must remember to do when they’re getting ready for a long haul. One of the most important though is taking time to do their pre-trip truck inspection. There are many great reasons why you should never forget to do this.

Reasons for Conducting a Pre-Trip Truck Inspection

The reasons why it’s so important to remember to conduct this inspection include:

  • Safety: This is the main reason for your inspection since you don’t want to take an unsecured load out onto the road. Of course, you also don’t want to drive a truck that has damaged brakes or unconnected wires. These are all things you can easily identify with your inspection.
  • Legalities: The law says it’s your responsibility to make sure your vehicle is safe to drive. This is another reason you’ll want to inspect your truck before leaving. If you don’t and it’s later discovered that you skipped an inspection, you’ll receive a violation which includes a ding to your CSA score.
  • Ensuring continued operation: Making sure your truck is in good condition before leaving for a trip will reduce the likelihood of it breaking down while you’re along the road somewhere. It can also help you not get an out-of-service violation when your truck is inspected. Simply put, your inspection is what helps you keep your truck on the road.
  • Financial reasons: This is the best time for you to discover any problems with your truck while they’re still in their early stage. Now is the time to find these issues because they’ll be easier and less expensive to fix.

If you’re still questioning the importance of this inspection, talk to your fleet management team. They can help you see the importance of this inspection and help you find additional ways to make sure you and your truck complies with the inspection that the law requires. Additionally, they’ll explain what you should do if you find any issues during this inspection.

Things to Remember when Conducting a Pre-Trip Truck Inspection

As you’re conducting your inspection make sure that you pay attention to these specific areas of your truck:

  • The front, side, and rear of your truck
  • Coupling devices
  • Your cab
  • The engine – including making sure it starts
  • Your brakes
  • Any and all safety equipment

A Final Word About Your Pre-Trip Truck Inspection

These inspections don’t require a lot of time – maybe 15 – 30 minutes at most. Your fleet maintenance manager aims to make this inspection as easy as possible for you, which is why they should have a checklist available that follows a systematic flow around your truck checking all the necessary systems and components as you go.

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Picture Credit: chapay