Receive Same Day Delivery On Cars From Tesla

Receive Same Day Delivery On Cars From TeslaIn the past you would have to go to the car dealership, select a car you like and the features you want it to include. Once your choice was made it’d take a while before the car was shipped to you because it needed to be built and customized. However, when the car was shipped it would arrive at the car dealership for you to go pick it up.

How Tesla is Changing the Future

Tesla, a Silicon Valley based car manufacturer, is trying to change all this today. They recently shared some videos that showed how they’re using one of their semi-trucks as a car transport carrier. This is a prototype that they’re using to deliver cars to their customers, creating a win-win situation for everyone involved – Tesla creates a better image for itself since you, the customer, happily receive your vehicle even faster. You can even track the service throughout this entire process.

This is something Tesla has been working on for a while. They’ve create a truck with the seamless ability to move their cars. Now they’re able to prove that this truck can actually do what they created it to do. One of the other great features about this truck is that it has zero-emissions, which is something that everyone also appreciates.

Currently it seems as though Tesla’s trailer is mainly loaded with Model 3 and Model X versions of their vehicle. This would make sense though considering these cars are performing so well. Nevertheless, Tesla says you can get any of their cars from the trailer that they tailor-made for this purpose and you also have tracking available so you know precisely when the trailer will arrive at your doorstep.

A Look at the Future of Freight Delivery

Tesla’s semi-truck has been highly anticipated. Many believe that this will change the future of the freight industry as we now know it. There have already been multiple Fortune 500 companies and corporations who have placed lots of pre-orders for futuristic trucks like these. For instance, Clean Technica recently conducted an interview with Jerome Guillen who runs a factory in Fremont. In this interview Guillen indicated many companies are now forming partnerships with Tesla to get their hands on these semi-trucks.

When you look at the features that are available on these trucks, it’s no wonder that they’re in such high demand. Such features include around 26 cameras, a huge battery requiring a 4-5 Supercharger, and the ability to track the service.

There’s no doubt that same day delivery is growing in popularity today. Many people believe that businesses will need to offer this to remain competitive soon. If you believe this too, there’s some good news you should know about.

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Picture Credit: Tesla Semi & Roadster Unveil