Nikola Takes In The Cybertruck With A Hydrogen Powered Rival

When it comes to green transportation there have been and continue to be many innovations to the auto industry. The electric truck designer Nikola has challenged the auto industry with the creation of an EV pickup truck with a six hundred mile range.

According to this recent announcement, this truck is going to be able to stand next to several environmentally friendly options like the Tesla Cybertruck. So if you haven’t already heard of them you should know that Nikola is a firm that designs electronic vehicles and has so far focused on the creation of trucks.

The firm has some big claims for its newest form of transportation. They say that it will have features like 980 ft pounds of torque and will have a 600-mile range. This will definitely make it difficult to beat when it comes to competition from other firms. Additionally, it is rumored to be more expensive than the Cybertruck, coming in at between sixty to ninety thousand dollars.

To be in that range the truck known as the Badger will boast the capacity to double its milage range with the use of a hydrogen fuel cell. This comes with the claim that this particular mode of transportation can make is 300 miles on battery power alone. This makes it an exciting new option for those looking for a green mode of transportation.

As great as this vehicle sounds there are indeed some issues to consider. For example, it will take an incredible amount of energy to be able to produce hydrogen. So in many cases, depending on where you are getting energy from it may not be as environmentally friendly as it appears. Another issue that many are concerned about is that hydrogen needs to be transported and stored under immense pressure. This makes the possibility of refueling almost non-existent save for California.

To alleviate the concerns of this vehicle having useless technology under the hood they are making a pledge to construct at least 700 hydrogen refueling stations across North America. This is a very strategic move to get the Badger to the top of the list when it comes to environmentally friendly transportation. Tesla made a similar move with its supercharger network.

The performance and range estimates are certainly very enticing to many potential buyers but it remains to be seen how close they actually come to real world figures. The Badger is set to be introduced at Nikola World in September of this year with a lot of people excited for its unveiling.

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Picture Credit: YouTube