Lack Of Same Day Delivery Forces Customers To Go Elsewhere

Lack Of Same Day Delivery Forces Customers To Go ElsewhereCustomer loyalty used to be a huge thing. Today, it is a thing of the past, as customers want the not only the best deal but the fastest service. A customer wants the best possible shopping experience they can have, with the support that can not be beaten.

If your company wants to remain competitive, they should keep in mind that same day delivery is an essential part of keeping customers. These individuals are used to placing items in their carts online, paying for them, and having them by the end of the day. This is a very popular option, especially at busy shopping times during the holiday season.

Same day delivery can be beneficial to your company too. You will not need to oversupply, and will not have products just sitting around waiting to be purchased.

We should take a look at who is wanting the same day delivery. Baby boomers did not grow up with same day delivery, however, millennials are used to a faster pace. Growing up with the internet and smartphone, who can blame them?

Based on that information, most probably are not surprised that 30% of all millennials want same day delivery when purchasing an item online. On the contrary, only 5% of older individuals look at same day delivery when purchasing an item.

Many of the millennials are members of shipping clubs, such as Amazon Prime. They want fast shipping, but still, want the price to be reasonable. Amazon Prime Now is also offering items to be delivered within 2 hours. If it is needed within an hour, extra can be paid and it will be at the address it is needed within 60 minutes.

Individuals that have used same day delivery within the past year said they did it because they needed the item right away. Twenty-nine percent said they did it because it was free. Eight percent of people stated that they would leave their cart after finding out that same day delivery was not available on toys, video games, food, drinks, and automotive items.

Millennials no doubt want same day delivery. However, they are also interested in the cost as well. Seventy-four percent of online shoppers say that delivery cost plays a role in what they purchase. If we break this down even further, we can say that 69% of millennials say cost is important, while 80% of older individuals say delivery cost plays a role in whether they will purchase an item online. A mere 26% of individuals say that delivery timing is important when considering purchasing an item online.

The above information came from a study done by Connexity. Six thousand, five hundred people were researched for this project. One of the main things found was that the postage price and delivery options play a key role in what consumers buy online. Retailers must find a way to offer competitive shipping during the holidays in order to not miss out.

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Picture Credit: bruce mars