How Amazon’s Next Day Delivery Service is Deadly

How Amazon's Next Day Delivery Service is DeadlyDrivers for Amazon are under continuous pressure to deliver their packages as soon as possible. Oftentimes the demands are relentless and while the monetary rewards are good, many of the workers don’t take bathroom breaks, eat meals, or stop for a break throughout the day. This is all because Amazon has a “no package left behind” policy that requires drivers to deliver lots of packages each day, even though this means they’re on the road for long hours at a time.

Whose Responsibility is It?

Amazon refuses to accept any responsibility for the way their delivery service operates. Even when someone dies because of the way one of their drivers is behaving while behind the wheel (something that has happened), they still shift responsibility to third parties whom they say they have no control over.

One such delivery service they’re known for using is Inpax. This company has been repeatedly cited by the Department of Labor because they’ve withheld pay from their drivers. The owner himself has several felony convictions involving cocaine. He’s also declared bankruptcy because he didn’t pay his insurance or taxes and defaulted on loans and other obligations for approximately $15 million. As such, the company started struggling which led them to squeeze Amazon drivers to perform better while they also minimized their costs when and wherever possible.

Amazon’s Work Conditions

Although Amazon won’t willingly accept the blame for their flawed delivery service, when you do the math, you’ll see that there are issues here whether Amazon wants to admit fault or not. For instance, most Amazon drivers are responsible for delivering 250+ packages during their 8-hour shift. This means that every two minutes one of these packages must be delivered. The work here is contracted to a third party who employs the drivers, thus mitigating Amazon of any fault if anything does go wrong.

Of course, Amazon is still using UPS and the USPS for some of their deliveries. They’re also talking about using drones, although they haven’t done so yet. Nevertheless, most of their packages are still being delivered by a third-party courier. This is how they’re able to offer their convenient “next day” delivery service that so many customers are taking advantage of today. In fact, almost half of the packages that are purchased within the United States are delivered in this fashion. While they may want to push responsibility off on these delivery services, truth be told Amazon dictates almost every part of this service – including what the drivers wear, what they drive, what routes they follow and how many packages they must deliver during their shift. With this being said, it’s obvious that they should be taking some responsibility when things go wrong instead of shifting blame to the courier alone.


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