Effect Of Coronavirus On International Courier Services

Effect Of Coronavirus On International Courier ServicesThe outbreak of the coronavirus has led to a massive decline in the number of ships visiting the Chinese ports such as Yangshan and Shanghai. Many factories in the country are either operating at low capacity or they are closed. The port calls to Yangshan and Shanghai reduced by 17% in January 2020. The various carrier stopped 21 sailings on the otherwise busy US-Asia trade route. The main reason for all this was cited as weak demand in China.

The courier services sector of China is bracing for losses as the Coronavirus outbreak is badly affecting the supply chains in the country. Many of the courier businesses in the country are forecasting losses in the year as the virus is weighing down on the Chinese economy. There are several problems facing the county such as flight cancellations, workforce limitation, and road closure that is making life difficult for many companies.

Deutsche Post is one of the larger if not the largest courier service in the world and it has announced that it will stop the packages related to the logistics from coming and going to China due to the coronavirus. They are also going to stop accepting packages from Hong Kong and Macao due to the corona outbreak. The various problems they are facing regarding custom clearance and transport mean that the big company will not be delivering packages to China although letters will continue to be delivered. But because of traffic restrictions, you can expect delays in the mail delivery to China.

The various courier services operating in the US and China have declared that the suspension of flights in their countries to slow down the spread of the coronavirus will also have a major impact on the delivery of courier parcels and letters. Most international courier companies are experiencing difficulties in dispatching parcels, letters and express mails to China, Hong Kong, and Macao. There isn’t any specified time limit to the restarting of the sufficient transport facilities to these countries at the moment.

Singapore has also informed its global counterparts that the country will not be accepting parcels, letters, and other such items that are destined for China until there is a sufficient transport facility available. All the concerned parties are hoping that the situation is temporary and the government agencies from the respective countries are monitoring the situation closely. Many courier service offices are being disinfected to make sure that the virus doesn’t travel by email. It also ensures the protection of courier services employees.

The good news is that the virus does not survive for longer periods on objects and therefore it is safe to receive parcels even from China. There are non-face-to-face methods used in China for the delivery of parcels and letters. Generally speaking one can expect delays in the deliveries during this period. South African courier services are also facing tough times receiving parcels and letters from China due to several flight suspensions.

The ocean freight is unlike the air freight and is relatively independent of passenger traffic and this form of transport accounts for the majority of supply chain shipments. Most of the goods delivery in the world is done through the sea but thanks to the coronavirus the maritime shipping industry will also take a hit with a drop in demand as various countries place stringent measures as a precaution against coronavirus. Australia and Singapore have refused to permit the ships that have been to the Chinese ports onto their ports. Postal services from Sweden have also banned the services of China.

Other countries such USA are using stringent screening measures for their processes. The courier companies such as Same Day Delivery seem to be relatively unaffected by all this. They are taking due care to avoid any mishaps though.

Picture Credit: Pixabay