Drone Delivery Service For Your Medications

Drone Delivery Service For Your MedicationsAlthough you may think that a drone-based drug delivery service is some type of sci-fi scene, it’s actually happening in the real world today. In fact, UPS is now partnering with CVS (an American-based pharmacy chain) to make this happen. Since its inception they’ve managed to deliver medication to two customers – the first being in a residential setting and the second being to a retirement community, both based in Cary, North Carolina.

What Drone Delivery Service Means for Customers

According to Kevin Hourican, President of CVS Pharmacy, drone delivery isn’t only the first of its kind in the pharmaceutical industry, but it’s a great step forward in helping customers who can’t make it into one of their stores (e.g. patients who are too old to drive, those with limited mobility, persons whose immune systems are compromised). Hourican believes that CVS must explore a large variety of delivery options to find ones that work for their customers who are located in urban, suburban, and rural areas. Nevertheless, Hourican believes that drone delivery has a lot of potential, especially in those rural communities where it’s extremely difficult for customers to conveniently access the life-saving medications they need.

For this test run one of Matternet’s M2 drones (the quadcopter with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and a capacity to carry about 5 lbs. up to about 12.5 miles) was used successfully. This will lead to the collaboration between UPS and CVS to provide more drone deliveries in the upcoming months. Hourican believes that this is great news for patients who can’t leave their homes due to their medical conditions.

Moving from Cars to Drones

Matternet and UPS have been working together since March 2019. Initially, they were using drones to deliver lab samples (e.g. blood) from medical offices to their lab which is located at WakeMed’s main hospital. When they first started to collaborate together in this fashion UPS commented that this program represented a major aviation milestone in the United States. This is because up to this point most of these lab samples were being transported by courier vehicles. By adding transportation via drones on-demand and same-day delivery options are now available – something that’ll make delivery more efficient, prices lower, and the patient experience better.

UPS still uses remote operators (with the ability to intervene when necessary) to monitor these autonomously flying drones that hover about 20 feet over a property. The drone then uses a cable and winch system to slowly lower packages to the ground.


Not every company can get in having drones deliver their products to their customers today. If you’re one of these companies, it doesn’t mean that your product and the customers you need them delivered to are any less important. What it does mean is that you need to find a high-quality delivery service to get your products into your customers’ hands. For this, you should turn to Same Day Delivery so contact them today to get the best shipping possible set up for you as soon as possible.

Picture Credit: Pixabay