Deciding Whether You Need Blind Spot Detection

Deciding Whether You Need Blind Spot DetectionThose who’ve owned cars with blind-spot detection oftentimes feel as though this is a frivolous, costly convenience. However, anyone who doesn’t have this device will tell you that they want this feature in their next vehicle. Of course, this feature works differently depending upon the transportation manufacturer, it still serves the same purpose: It helps you know if there’s a vehicle you can’t see because it’s in your blind spot. Since this is an optional feature, you may wonder if it’s worth the extra money.

How Blind Spot Detection Works

Regardless of the transportation manufacturer, this feature typically works the same way: It detects the lanes to your left and right, paying special attention to those spots over your shoulder that are difficult to see. When a car enters this area, you’re alerted to its presence through light on your outside door mirror. This is the only job this feature has unless you turn on your turn signal while there’s another vehicle in your blind spot. At this point, you’ll receive a more urgent warning – either a flashing red light or a chime. Some transportation manufacturers do take this a step further though. They use cameras that show you what’s happening in your blind spot.

Determining Whether Blind Spot Detection is Worth the Cost

When determining if this feature is worth the cost for you it’s important to consider your vehicle’s size. Full-size SUVs and minivans can benefit from it since there’s a lot of vehicle space for a driver to continuously monitor. It’s also a nice feature to have if you’re transporting children who could easily divert your attention from the road.

You should also consider how much visibility your vehicle provides. If you have big windows, then this feature probably isn’t worth its cost since you can easily see out all sides of your vehicle already. However, if your vehicle has big blind spots, then this feature can be quite useful.

Before adding blind-spot detection it’s important to also consider what type of driving you typically do. If you travel on a lot of highways or at high speeds frequently, this feature is useful. However, on one-lane roads or low speeds, they probably won’t be much use.

After thinking these things through, make sure you also test out the feature before paying for it. You can take one of the vehicles that already have this feature installed for a test drive to see if you like it. If you find that the feature is easily overlooked, then it probably isn’t worth the added cost.


When you’re heavily involved in the transportation industry, you’ll want all the safety features you can get on your vehicles. Since you’re driving a big vehicle (a lot of times at high speeds) on the highway it is necessary. This is why we at Same Day Delivery Company have made sure to install blind spot detection on all our vehicles. So, the next time you want your customers to receive their items the same day they’re purchased and you want to make sure that those items arrive safely at their doorstep, make sure to reach out and put us to work for you.

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