Commercial Same Day Delivery Drone Service

Commercial Same Day Delivery Drone ServiceRecently a test drone program was completed by FedEx in Christiansburg, Virginia. This trip was the first one that was scheduled in the United States for commercial goods in a residential area. Wing Aviation undertook the commercial same-day delivery by the aircraft, which is maintained Alphabet, Inc. This was in association with FedEx Express and a member of the United States Department of Transportation’s Unmanned Aircraft Systems Integration Pilot Program.

During this test, Wing Aviation should deliver packages that have been selected to homes that qualify in the Christiansburg area. This is the first authorization of delivering commercial same-day delivery packages to the residence of this town. This permission came from the Federal Aviation Administration.

FedEx states that innovation is part of what makes this commercial a same-day delivery service special. The CEO of the business says that they’re studying techniques that are more suited to transport across the globe. It is their hope that drone transportation will improve commercial same-day delivery services to provide clients assistance for critical shipments in the country and semi-rural regions.

Wing Aviation also has an assessment project taking place with Walgreens. Under this, the company’s delivery application is used to buy health and well-being goods.

Currently, FedEx Express serves over 220 countries. In the United States, they are currently ranked as number 2 on the Top 100 Listing of the biggest for-hire couriers. Approximately 450,000 workers are employed by this company that has a revenue of close to $70 billion.

Wing Aviation is a subsidiary of Alphabet, which is Google’s Parent company and is an autonomous delivery drone service. Wing delivered its first real-world deliveries in 2014. The aircraft that is currently used by Wing meets all compliance standards and is designed for small package delivery. It also features many redundant systems so if a malfunction were to occur, the delivery could still go on.

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Picture Credit: Wikipedia