Businesses Currently Testing Drone Delivery

Businesses Currently Testing Drone DeliveryWalgreens Boots Alliance Inc., and one of Google’s affiliates are currently in the process of testing how drone delivery can place drugstore products on their customers’ doorsteps shortly after they’ve been ordered. In fact, this same day delivery service will start being offered in Christiansburg, VA next month. This service will be provided by a 10-pound drone that flies at rates of up to 70 M.P.H. This means customers can order over 100 items ranging from individual consumer goods to over the counter medications (not prescriptions). They’ll simply place an order through an app and receive their order in 5 – 10 minutes brought to them by a drone that can make a 12-mile round trip. It’ll have a winch system to lower the package to the ground where it’ll be left.


This new same day delivery service is being introduced by Wing Aviation LLC, which is a subsidiary of Google’s parent, Alphabet Inc. CEO James Ryan Burgess says that the drone is very light (weighing in at only 10-pounds) and can efficiently move a three-pound package through the sky.

Services such as this are still in early testing throughout the United States today. However, back in April Google announced that Wing had received federal approval to be able to make commercial drone deliveries. They’re the first company to receive certification from the federal government to be able to do this. They also admit that they don’t know how long they’ll be working with Walgreens to test this same day delivery service before launching it nationwide.

Getting in on the Action

Wing isn’t the only company to want a part of the drone delivery service. Other companies include:

  • Amazon: They said in June that they were planning to use self-piloted drones to deliver their packages to their customers.
  • The United Parcel Service: In July they mentioned they were setting up a subsidiary so they could expand their drone delivery service. Initially they were focusing on transporting medical samples for hospitals located in Raleigh, North Carolina.

The Future of Drone Delivery Services

Wing says that there’s still a way to go before this type of same day delivery service will become the new norm in the American transportation network. They said that they chose to work with Walgreens in Christiansburg to conduct their initial testing because they’re also working with nearby Virginia Tech on their drone deliveries.

Currently Walgreens, which is headquartered in Deerfield, Illinois and is the primary competitor for CVS Health Corp. is also working on expanding their same day prescription delivery service. They admit that this is something they need to work on because they’re faced with some fierce competition from Amazon who’s been offering their Prime customers the ability to get millions of products delivered to them the same day they’re purchased.

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